Moderation policy

Valid from 15th December, 2017

1.   The operator of the blog and users
1.    Operator of the blog (hereafter: Blog) is Péter Csermely.
2.    Anyone can register as a user at the site free of charge.
3.    The operator handles and protects users data according to the Hungarian data protection law.


2.    Objectives of the writer of the Blog
1.    The writer of the Blog is Péter Csermely.
2.    The Blog intents to
▪    support its readers’ spiritual development,
▪    assist that in the circle of its readers future-creating, stable set of values and behavior evolve,
▪    introduce the advantages of talent support and network thinking in everyday life.


3.    Publishing rights
1.    The copyright of the original posts initiating comments belongs to Péter Csermely.
2.    Any content may be published on the page whose release does not come up against Hungarian laws and regulations or our Moderation Policy.
3.    Anyone may register at the site but the Moderator can suspend anyone’s license and can cancel any registration and publicity of any content.


4.    Process of moderation
1.    The moderator eliminates contents that he recognizes as violating the Moderation Policy. Users can report posts they detect as violating the Moderation Policy via e-mail sent to the Moderator to the following address: indicating the precise place of the objected content.
2.    There is a preliminary moderation on the Blog, i.e. posts are made public among the comments after a formal permission procedure. It is for preventing that any posts violating the Moderation Policy may disturb the readers of the Blog.
3.    Moderator may terminate the publicity of contents violating the present Policy, like
a.)    Post coming up against generally accepted norms.
b.)    ’Wrong’ content violating operative laws.
c.)    Content releasing real personal data (e.g. home address, workplace etc.) or contents violating other personal rights. (Except for the user publishes his/her own personal data voluntarily.)
d.)    Low, aggressive, threatening, offensive, ostentatiously and unduly vulgar manifestation that disturbs or jeopardizes highbrow conversation and discussion.
e.)    Post hurting good taste, being hateful or intimidating. This also applies to post with web links – links to pages containing such contents.
f.)    Opinion insulting or compromising others, especially certain users, comment having personalities, especially aiming to exclude any user of the Blog.
g.)    Content hurting other users from the points of view of religion, ethnicity, ideology or other aspects.
h.)    Off-topic commentary that markedly and deliberately obstructs or disturbs the on-going conversation.
i.)    Content promoting profit-oriented products or services.
j.)    Duplication, data multiplication.
k.)    Post that threatens the operations from technical or content points of view, especially pasting deleted comments, re-register deleted user names, or register such a user name that reminds a previously deleted user name. The same applies to similar comments pestering the forum either within one article or more articles’ commentaries.
l.)    Following an e-mailed warning such user can be deleted who has a user name:
i.) hurting other’s legitimate and acknowledged interests,
ii.) that is obscene or dirty,
iii.) that is racist hurting others’ identity in an ideological, religious, nationality or ethnicity sense,
iv.) referring to inhuman ideologies or related institutions, individuals, names of terrorists, terrorist organizations, their abbreviations or that is a referring name, expression or abbreviation,
v.) that is a covert advertising or a promoting expression,
vi.) already existing on the Blog or that is deceptively resembling an existing user name,
vii.) violating the legitimate interests or rights to credit of the Operator.


5.    Consequences of violating the Moderation Policy
The moderator deletes the content detected by him or reported by a user that violates the Moderation Policy. In case of a repeated violation of the Policy, the membership of the violator can be restricted for longer and longer periods. The shortest term of restriction is 1 week, the longest one is 2 months. In case a user serially and severely violates the Policy and her/his license has been limited for at least twice for any terms, the user can be banned from the Blog, and her/his registration can be deleted. Determining the extent of Policy violation and defining the limitation terms of licenses are in the scope of the Moderator’s subjective consideration.