The aims of the blog

Blog posts are essay-like, short summaries discussing connections, which help to gain insight to the meaning and purpose of human life. Posts appear on each second Friday and hope to please those Readers, who feel responsibility for their spiritual development, other human beings, their natural environment and for the whole World.


Main purpose of the blog is to support its Readers

  • in their spiritual development;
  • in the development of deep thinking, stable set of values and responsibility to build a better future for all;
  • in using the benefits of talent development and network thinking in their everyday life.

The blog would like to:

  • help thinking on the meaning and purpose of life;
  • increase long-term, deep thinking;
  • spread proactive and thinking BIG behavior;
  • help conceive changes as new, exciting challenges and not as annoying, painful problems;
  • help recognize that co-operation opens new possibilities and that zero-sum games lead to nowhere;
  • show the special value of openness acquiring mindsets that profoundly differ from ours;
  • strengthen the Readers’ creativity with positive examples;
  • encourage those who build communities;
  • make its Readers to recognize the power of trust and love by giving them trust and love; and
  • increase the openness and desire for spiritual experiences of the universal love.

During the past years my spiritual life and thinking have both deepened and intensified. Since the beginning of 2017 I meditate at least one hour per day (that can be considered more and more a contemplating prayer), I regularly participate in spiritual retreats providing and requiring Silence, and I visit places offering spiritual engrossment. Besides experiencing and spreading love, values like wisdom and humility have become much more important to me than before. These changes are reflected by the Luther rose in the header of the blog that also refers to my Lutheran faith. One of the 2017 Golden Mother Award winners, Zsuzsanna Szilvássy Kecskemétiné summarizes the essentials of being Lutheran as follows: "This is an open, welcoming, very friendly faith.” I agree with her. Several thoughts of the blog are about faith its drive for spiritual and character improvement. I hope that with these thoughts I can support the deep thinking of those Readers too, who do not consider themselves believers.

It is important to emphasize that the posts have not been written with scientific accuracy, although in a lot of cases they consist of arguments based on scientific data. Most of these arguments are admittedly subjective and are based on my own perceptions, so they are affected by my social status, my past, and my momentary feelings, too. Thus the thoughts of the blog are neither generalized scientific theses, nor texts considered irrefutable. They are confirmed with not more (and not less) than my life experience. For this reason all sentences of the blog should be read in a way that the reader imagines the starting words of 'according to my experience', 'in my opinion' or 'according to my feelings' at the beginning of each sentence. For the sake of easier readability these starting statements were not included in the individual sentences.

In most of the cases the statements are generalized. The reason for this is not that I think that my thoughts are generally true. The reason of generalized statements is that I feel that our contemporary thinking became rather disintegrated, which drives a large demand of valid generalizations. My blog provides the Reader with "generalization experiments". The validity of these "Gedankenexperiments" will be judged by the Readers. That is one of the reasons why I most welcome your valuable, modifying, refining, approving or disapproving comments on my writings, for which hereby I say thank you in advance.


Last (but not least), I would like to apologize that my native language is not English. I am especially not familiar with English phrases concerning spiritual life. I would like to ask all Readers whose native language is English to send any corrections to! Thank you very much for your help (and patience) in advance! (I hope as time passes there will be fewer and fewer mistakes in the text.)